White Proso Millet

  • Fast Facts

    Quick Growing.

    Thrives in dry conditions.

    Winter Kills.

  • null

    White Proso Millet is a quick growing summer annual. It is an excellent forage and has a root system very beneficial to building organic matter, scavenging nutrients. Contrary to Japanese Millet, it does not do well in wet conditions. The quick growing top growth suppresses weeds and slows erosion.

    Type: Nutrient Scavenger (Grass)

    Planting Time: May 15- Aug. 15

    Seeding Rate:

    • Precision:
    • Drill: 15
    • Broadcast: 25

    Planting Depth: ¼- ¾ in.

Benefits of White Proso Millet

Nitrogen Fixer: n/a
Nutrient Scavenger: Excellent
Soil Builder: Good
Compaction Relief

Topsoil: Good
Subsoil: Good

Erosion Control: Excellent
Residue Decomposition: Moderate
Weed Suppression: Good
Grazing: Excellent
Forage Value: Excellent
Attracts Beneficial Insects: Poor


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