• Fast Facts

    Excellent N Fixation. 90-150lb/ac.

    Winter Hardy.

    Breaks down quickly.

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    Austrian Winter Peas are a favorite cover crop and are known for solid N fixation, soil building, and ease of termination.  An excellent choice when paired with a grass such as cereal rye or barley as they support the winter peas. We carry two types of peas- Austrian Winter peas and Windham Winter Peas. The Windham peas are known to be very winter hardy.

    Type: Nitrogen Fixer (Legume)

    Planting Timing:  Aug. 15- Sept. 30

    Seeding Rate:

    • Precision: 30
    • Drill: 40
    • Broadcast: not recommended

    Planting Depth:  ½ – 1in.

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    Yes – Graphex SA™ for Cover Crops

Benefits of Winter Peas

Nitrogen Fixer: Good
Nutrient Scavenger: Poor
Soil Builder: Fair
Compaction Relief

Topsoil: Good
Subsoil: Poor

Erosion Control: Fair
Residue Decomposition: Quick
Weed Suppression: Fair
Grazing: Fair
Forage Value: Excellent
Attracts Beneficial Insects: Fair


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