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  • Mow Mix / Forage Factory

    Sorghum Sudan/ Buckwheat/ Sunn Hemp/ Radish (Forage or Cut At Buckwheat Bloom)         ( 37lb/ac)

    This mix is designed for forage use or simply to be mowed when the buckwheat blooms. This does two things- promotes Sorghum Sudan root growth, and prevents buckwheat from reseeding (and becoming a weed problem). Sorghum Sudan has an intense root system that really takes off once mowed or cut. Buckwheat is long known to help restore worn out soils, grows quick, and also makes subsurface P plant available. Sunn Hemp is a tropical legume with intense N production. Cows really like it too. Radish, even at a low rate, helps to break compaction, scavenge nutrients, and winterkill. All of these work very well together and are especially suited to build biomass and improve poor soils. This mix will also entirely winterkill.

  • No Mow Mix

    Sorhum Sudan/ Sunn Hemp/ Radish/ Sunflower/ Flax (Don’t mow)        ( 31lb/ac)

    Similar to the Mow Mix, the No mow mix substitutes Buckwheat for Sunflower and Flax. Sunflower has an intense root system, is very economical, and provides a nice visual appeal too. Flax is a unique cover crop that is a significant biology booster. This mix will build substantial biomass, suppress weeds, and entirely winterkill (except for flax in warmer winters).

  • Max N

    For Max N Production- Add ½ rate Max N Mix to either mix        ( +15lb/ac)

    This mix has 4 separate legumes with all compliment each other. The diversity serves as a built in insurance policy. Should one specie not fair well, another likely will. The Cereal rye is added at a low rate to serve as a support system for the legumes. This helps them from forming a mat on the soil surface and promotes faster drying in spring. The oats are added as a nurse crop for the legumes and quick fall cover.

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Nitrogen Fixer:
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Soil Builder:
Compaction Relief


Erosion Control:
Residue Decomposition:
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