Graph-Ex SA™ for Cover Crops

A specially formulated cover crop inoculant plus the benefits of the iGET™ Technology. Graph-Ex SA™ for Cover Crops is a planter box treatment that can be added right at the planter just before planting and is your answer to increasing nitrogen levels in the soil with a legume crop, including peas, lentils, vetches and faba beans.

  • Fast and convenient application
  • Improved seed flowability
  • Patent pending
  • Grower applied
  • Available in a 4 oz pouch or 40 oz pail
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Graph-Ex SA™ for Cover Crops is your answer to increasing nitrogen levels in the soil with a legume crop, including peas, lentils, vetches and faba beans. Graph-Ex SA™ has you covered when it comes to nitrogen management.

Under proper handling, storage, application and soil conditions, this product will inoculate these crops:

Peas, Lentils, Vetches & Faba Beans
Austrian winter pea, chickling vetch, faba bean, field pea, flat pea, garden pea, hairy vetch, lentil, manantha vetch, narrowleaf vetch, purple vetch, rough pea, specter pea, sweet pea, tangier pea, trapper pea;

Cowpeas & Lespedeza
Acacia, adzuki bean, alyce clover, asparagus-bean, black eyed peas, centrosema, common lespedeza, cowpea, desmodium spp., hairy indigo, jackbean, jointvent (aeschynomene), Korean lespedeza, kudzu, mung bean, partridge pea, peanut, pigeon pea, pink eyed purple hull pea, sericea lespedeza, siratro, slender blushclover, sunn hemp, tepary bean, velvet bean, wild indigo, winged bean, winged crotalaria;

True Clover
Alsike clover, Ball Clover, Berseem clover, Bigflower clover, Carolina clover, Cluster clover, Rabbitfoot clover, Hop clover, Hungarian clover, Ladina, Large hop clover, Persian clover, Puff clover, Red clover, Seaside clover, Small hop clover, White clover, Zigzagg clover, Crimson clover;

Treats all grasses grown for grain and forage.


Cover Crop Inoculant

Cover crops have become a necessary step in the recycling and production of nitrogen and organic soil matter. The use of biologicals in accomplishing nitrogen fixation and production has become commonplace. Now, with the introduction of Graph-Ex SA™ for Cover Crops, farmers can expect more out of both their soil and crops.

iGET™ Technology

The SA means that ABM™ has also added our proprietary, patent pending Trichoderma strain found in SabrEx™ root inoculant. Trichoderma has been shown to be beneficial in cover crops.

Rhizobia for Cover Crops

Our proprietary Rhizobia for legume cover crops is specifically beneficial for these crops and helps the plant to establish nitrogen-fixing nodules that will convert the nitrogen to a useable form for the plant. The Rhizobia in Graph-Ex SA™ for Cover Crops is a different type of Rhizobia than is used for soybeans.

Increasing Nitrogen Credits

The nitrogen fixing Rhizobia found in Graph-Ex SA™ for Cover Crops will aid in the production of nitrogen by establishing itself inside the root nodules of the host plant. Working symbiotically within the plant’s nodules, inoculation will maximize the desired nitrogen credits.

Talc/Graphite Formulation

As an added benefit, utilizing a talc/graphite formulation as the carrier helps to lubricate your planter equipment and improves seed flowability. This is important, as it will minimize seed hang-ups in your equipment and reduce wear and tear.
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