Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans

Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans combines all the benefits of Excalibre™ for Soybeans plus the growth stimulant benefits of the iGET™ technology. Applied commercially by your seed company or seed dealer with up to a 240 day planting window. Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans provides:

  • Increased plant stand
  • Seedling vigor
  • Nutrient and water efficiency
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Grow More

Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans delivers the growth stimulant benefits of the iGET™ Technology PLUS the nitrogen fixation benefits of industry leading Excalibre™ soybean inoculant in a dealer applied package. Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans’ triple stack Rhizobia package assures optimum N-fixation under a variety of soil conditions, including hot dry soils, cool and wet conditions, and offers more aggressive nodulation in carryover nitrate situations.

Triple Stack Inoculant Package

ABM’s™ proprietary Bradyrhizobia for soybeans is specific to these crops in helping the plant to establish nitrogen fixing nodules that will convert atmospheric nitrogen to nitrogen that is useable by the plant. Encapsulated in a dealer applied package, Excalibre™ is a fast and convenient application.

iGET™ Technology

The “SA” in Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans means that ABM™ has also added our proprietary, patent pending Trichoderma strain found in SabrEx™ root inoculant; proven to also be beneficial in soybean production. Trichoderma colonizes with the plants root system and develops a symbiotic relationship with the plant. The Trichoderma feed from the starches and sugars produced by the plant; while exuding beneficial enzymes and proteins for the host plants use. As a result the plant produces a larger root system and improves its nitrogen and water use efficiency, thus resulting in higher yields.

Dealer Applied

Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans is available as a convenient, seed company or dealer-applied formulation, and is an excellent companion product for many common fungicide/insecticide programs. Its low volume application rate minimizes seed tender and planter bridging, and the incorporated flowability polymer assures accurate and predictable planting rates.

Soybean Inoculant Benefits

Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans has been shown to increase plant stand, improve seedling vigor, accelerate canopy closure, and improve nutrient and water efficiency.

Increased Yields

The benefits found in Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans have proven yield advantages. Farmers taking advantage of the ease of inoculating their seed with Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans have enjoyed a 2.8 bu/a yield increase. Since 2009, growers have even reported yield increases of over 6 bu/a!

Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans is a seed company or dealer applied dispersable powder + liquid polymer.

The application rate for Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans is 0.05 Oz. Excalibre-SA™ + 0.5 fl. Oz. Extender (included in the packaging) per 140k units of seed. Refer to the Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans label for specific rates and directions for use.


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