Soybeans to Corn

  • Fast Facts


  • Overwinter

    Oat/ Crimson Clover/ Fixation Clover/ Rape          (23lb/ac)

    This mix is a simple, yet effective mix with quick cover provided by the oats, a diverse mix of roots to loosen soil, and reliable Nitrogen production. The Crimson Clover blooms earlier, while the Fixation blooms consistently 2 weeks later. This widens the window for N production, and serves as a built in safety net ensuring plenty of N is available to the corn crop.

  • Max N

    Cereal Rye/ Oat/ Crimson Clover/ Fixation Clover/ Hairy Vetch/ Austrian Winter Pea/ Rape            (30lb/ac)

    This mix has 4 separate legumes with all compliment each other. The diversity serves as a built in insurance policy. Should one specie not fair well, another likely will. The Cereal rye is added at a low rate to serve as a support system for the legumes. This helps them from forming a mat on the soil surface and promotes faster drying in spring. The oats are added as a nurse crop for the legumes and quick fall cover.

  • WinterKill

    Oat/Radish      (22lb/ac)

    Oats and Radish are the most simplistic cover crop mix that requires virtually no management. Oats will provide quick cover, scavenge nutrients, and boost soil biology while the radish also soaks up residual nutrients and shatters compaction. A very economical solution.


Nitrogen Fixer:
Nutrient Scavenger:
Soil Builder:
Compaction Relief


Erosion Control:
Residue Decomposition:
Weed Suppression:
Forage Value:
Attracts Beneficial Insects:


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