• Fast Facts

    Beneficial to Biology.

    Slow Decomposing residue.

    Extracts subsoil nutrients.

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    Flax is a unique cover crop.  It is a slower growing cover, but it has a longer lasting residue cover that

    Type: Broadleaf

    Seeding Rate:

    • Precision: 15
    • Drill: 20
    • Broadcast: 25

    Planting Depth:  ¼ in to 3/4in.

Benefits of Flax

Nitrogen Fixer: n/a
Nutrient Scavenger: Good
Soil Builder: Good
Compaction Relief

Topsoil: Fair
Subsoil: Poor

Erosion Control: Fair
Residue Decomposition: Slow
Weed Suppression: Poor
Grazing: Poor
Forage Value: Poor
Attracts Beneficial Insects: Fair


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