• Fast Facts

    Quick Growing.

    Makes subsoil phosphorus plant available.

    Winter kills. Quick decomposition.

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    Buckwheat is a quick growing summer annual that enhances soils with poor fertility.  It also mineralizes subsurface phosphorus and makes it plant available for following crops. Beneficial insects, especially bees, are attracted to buckwheat flowers as well.  Buckwheat is also a good option for suppressing weeds with its quick growth.

    Type: Broadleaf

    Planting Timing:  After last frost- August 15

    Seeding Rate:

    • Precision:
    • Drill: 30
    • Broadcast: 40
      ** Listed rates are for Monocultures, rates are reduced in mixes.

    Planting Depth:  ½in. – 1in.

Benefits of Buckwheat

Nitrogen Fixer: n/a
Nutrient Scavenger: Poor
Soil Builder: Fair
Compaction Relief

Topsoil: Good
Subsoil: Poor

Erosion Control: Poor
Residue Decomposition: Quick
Weed Suppression: Excellent
Grazing: n/a
Forage Value: n/a
Attracts Beneficial Insects: Excellent


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