Sorghum Sudangrass

  • Fast Facts

    Quick Growing.

    Extreme Biomass Production.

    Tolerates extreme heat and drought.

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    Sorghum Sudan is a versatile summer annual cover crop that doubles as a high quality forage. It is fast growing for emergency forage needs and regrows- allowing for multiple cuts. In fact, cutting sorghum sudan triggers the root system to flourish. Even if used as forage the root system creates a significant biomass that helps renew wore out soils and build organic matter. **Note- grazing right after a frost or flooding can cause prussic acid poisoning.

    Type: Nutrient Scavenger (Grass)

    Seeding Rate:

    • Precision: 8
    • Drill: 12
    • Broadcast: 15

    Planting Depth:  .5 – 1.5 in

Benefits of Sorghum Sudangrass

Nitrogen Fixer: n/a
Nutrient Scavenger: Excellent
Soil Builder: Excellent
Compaction Relief

Topsoil: Fair
Subsoil: Fair

Erosion Control: Excellent
Residue Decomposition: Good
Weed Suppression: Excellent
Grazing: Good
Forage Value: Excellent
Attracts Beneficial Insects: Poor


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