• Fast Facts

    Pierces thru and Shatters compacted soil.

    Scavenges & stores residual nutrients.

    Winter Kills. Easy Spring Management.

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    Tillage Radish is most known for its taproot which typically penetrates 30+ inches into compacted soils. In the process radishes scavenge residual nutrients and store them in the tuber. These nutrients are released for the following cash crop after the radish winterkills.  Increased yields, improved soil fertility, reduced compaction, weed control, and nematode control can all be expected with radishes!

    Type: Brassica

    Planting Timing:  July 15- September 15

    Seeding Rate:

    • Precision: 2 – 3lb/ac
    • Drill: 6 lb/ac
    • Broadcast: 8 lb/ac

    Planting Depth:  ¼ – 1 in.

Benefits of Radish

Nitrogen Fixer: n/a
Nutrient Scavenger: Excellent
Soil Builder: Good
Compaction Relief

Topsoil: Excellent
Subsoil: Excellent

Erosion Control: Fair
Residue Decomposition: Quick
Weed Suppression: Excellent
Grazing: Good
Forage Value: Good
Attracts Beneficial Insects: Fair


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