Bird Agronomics is a reseller of ABM™ inoculants
– explore ABM’s products beneficial to soybean growth.

Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans is a specially formulated blend of encapsulated Rhizobia soybean inoculant plus the benefits of iGET™ Technology.

Marauder® for Soybeans is an all liquid soybean inoculant system designed for use in a liquid tank mix in commercial seed treatment systems.

Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans combines all the benefits of Excalibre™ for Soybeans plus the growth stimulant benefits of the iGET™ technology.

MegaPack™ for Soybeans inoculant is a low volume liquid formulation that drastically reduces seed bridging and sticking, especially when applied with seed fungicides or insecticides.

Graph-Ex® for Soybeans is a unique soybean inoculant with a proprietary blend of three strains of yield-enhancing Rhizobia bacteria.


America’s Best Inoculant® for Soybeans, developed by the leading authority of soybean inoculants in the USA, is a triple stack Rhizobia strain package for top yield responses for only pennies per acre.


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