Marauder® for Soybeans

Marauder® for Soybeans is an all liquid soybean inoculant system designed for use in a liquid tank mix in commercial seed treatment systems.

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Marauder® Soybean Inoculant System is an all liquid bundle containing a high concentrate of America’s Best Inoculant® and liquid extender/polymer plus an additional liquid live biological performance enhancer. It drastically reduces seed bridging and sticking, especially when applied with seed fungicides or insecticides.

  • Aggressive nodulation by the Bradyrhizobia
  • Ultra low application rate with improved treatability
  • Up to 120 day planting window after application to seed
  • Priced less than comparable products
  • 2 bushel advantage over the competition


Marauder® Soybean Inoculant System contains the same triple stack Rhizobia strain package found in America’s Best Inoculant®, for top yield responses. This strain package was developed by the best minds in Rhizobium genetics and is backed by research and scientifically proven test plot results.

Low Application Rate

Marauder® for Soybeans has one of the lowest application rates available to keep treated soybean seed flowing. Only 0.725 fl. oz per 140k unit of soybean seed.

Marauder® Soybean Inoculant System contains three liquid components. ABM™ generally recommends a minimum of 2.5 oz. liquid per 140k unit of seed in any combination of non-chlorinated water and approved liquid seed treatments. Refer to the Marauder® label and tech sheet for specific rates and directions for use.

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