Double Black Humic Acid

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    What is DOUBLE BLACK?

    DOUBLE BLACK is a natural soil catalyst.

    DOUBLE BLACK is a highly concentrated formulation of liquid Leonardite.

    DOUBLE BLACK naturally contains humic, fulvic, and ulmic acids. These active ingredients invigorate soil biology and enhance plant nutrient availability in the soil. Consequently plant health is improved, leading to boosted yields, and solid return on investment.

  • What is Leonardite?

    DOUBLE BLACK is formulated with the best source of Leonardite found in Gascoyne, North Dakota.  Leonardite is a mined mineraloid that formed as deposits of ancient plant material aged and oxidized over time (essentially a young coal). Low in contaminants and high in organic content, North Dakota Leonardite contains significantly more humic and fulvic acids than other sources.

Corn Stalks: Untreated vs Treated with DOUBLE BLACK

DOUBLE BLACK is a natural chelating agent.
Processed using a unique proprietary method

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    What does DOUBLE BLACK do?

    • Increases nutrient uptake
    • Promotes stronger, healthier plants
    • Reduces weather related stresses
    • Improves standability
    • Boosts grain quality
  • Benefits of Double Black

    • Naturally Active- no harsh chemicals used in manufacturing process
    • High Purity- 18% concentration= lower use rates, and more efficient application
    • Tank mix Compatible- a low pH of 4.0- 5.0
  • Applications

    DOUBLE BLACK has been successfully used on corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, tree crops, vegetables, cereal crops, grapevines, potatoes, sugar beets, sunflower, strawberries, turf and more.

  • Application Methods

    DOUBLE BLACK is a concentrated aqueous mixture of Humic Acid that is suitable for soil (broadcast, band, drip) and foliar application. It can be used alone or mixed with a wide range of plant protection and plant nutrition products. Its naturally acidic pH enables growers to also use it with acidic fertilizers or to reduce the pH in alkaline tank solutions.


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